1. This post contains SPOILERS from Guardians of the Galaxy (the movie). Also, RANT WARNING.

    I saw the movie yesterday. A movie that had me interested from the first time I saw the machine gun slinging raccoon trailers. I hadn’t read the comic and didn’t know what to really expect but I was cautiously hopeful. When Star Lord started dancing below the title I felt I was watching something special. While the feeling did last long into the movie - another feeling started tugging for my attention. Namely “wow, this is some sexist shit”.

    To be clear, I don’t have a problem with sexist characters. I do, however, have a problem when there isn’t really any consequences unless it adds something to the story or theme. But let’s back up a bit and examine what kind of a movie this is. GotG is a sci-fi adventure that has a very simple story to the point that you’ve seen it a thousand times before. Villain can’t get powerful item or people will die. Lots of people.

    When a story has this kind of thing I usually get bored unless a few other important things are well worked out. Those things are: setting, situation, character and theme.

    The setting - SPACE! Well made and interesting looking places. Loved it.

    Situation - Yeah, the characters get thrown around a lot of interesting places.

    Character - No no NO. See, this is where I start to get bothered. The Villain was boring as hell, but that’s a small crime compared to some of the leads. Star Lord is an douche, it’s well established. But the playboy stuff the movie lets him get away with under the guise of being a lovable douche is not ok. It’s the fact that it has no consequences and that he on the flip of a coin turns into a altruistic hero that pisses me off. But this does not reach critical mass until you add Gamora to the mix.

    Gamora gets to be a fighting character. A step up from ordinary female characters? Would be, unless for a few things. She is touted as being a ruthless assassin badass from the start. Something that disappears from the start of the prison scene, onwards. From that point on she is saved twice by the “hero”, constantly T&A-filmed, falls into the “female character who gives a shit about people dying so she can turn the hero into a good guy” trope, and oh - has a fight against the evil female villain. These two things combined leaves a sour taste in my mouth, especially in a movie with few to none other interesting female characters. The movie spends more time telling me Gamora is an badass than it does showing me.

    Ironically, the character who feels real ends up being Rocket Raccoon, with hints to his tragic past and his friendship to Groot which completely shines through his emotions.

    I feel the movie skipped out on time it could have spent on focusing on showing the Guardians friendship growing and on making us believe that Star Lord isn’t “a total dick” when we instead got a Anakin Skywalker-ish “I’m suddenly evil” turn.

    Rant too much, I do. When I start pulling things from Star Wars, I know it’s time to end the rant. In the end I’m pissed of at this movie since I liked it, while being force fed sexist jokes and tropes. A crime worse than being a obviously sexist story from the start, a la the Transformers movies.

  2. I can be really slow in discovering obvious things sometimes.

  3. He makes lot’s of weird faces. Still, it’s great practice. Have a few more cat-themed comics up my sleve, but this will do for now.

  4. I didn’t understand a single word he said but I still got through the purchase just fine. Cool dude.

    Drew the first page on the train home from Stockholm. I’m surprised I actually managed it.

  5. Dropping by SIS/SPX in Stockholm this weekend? Then make sure to stop by and say hi at one of these tables. It seems the table I’m sharing with people from my university class in comics and the ones I’m sharing with my studio, Serieateljen i Göteborg, ended up right across from each other so you’ll find my comics on both of these tables. This year I don’t have much new to offer. I have a few copies of Silver Vein vol 1 left and I also have a few strips of Neurostorm appearing in my studios anthology (pics on the lower left and lower right, respectively). Anything else is just not ready yet.

    Anyway, see you there and hope you’ll have as much fun as I!

  6. Art by Ronald Betfjord, colours by me.

    It didn’t quite make it to SIS this year but soon, Ronald Betfjord and I are re-launching “Lake”. We weren’t confident with the series the way it was drawn and planned, so we decided to start from scratch. The first parts of chapter one will be familiar to those who read the first version but it will go down a different path after that.

    That said, hope you guys are still interested and will enjoy reading it this time as well. More news in a week or so.

  7. Keeping it in tune with last year’s SIS mascot fan art, this year I managed to postpone it until the same week (one day earlier though!). Just as last time, I drew & inked this in A3, then went on to color it in manga studio 5. This year’s mascot was created by Nina Hemmingsson and looks like this.

    The anatomy’s a bit off but all in all, I think this turned out ok :)

  8. I saw a really shitty horror-movie a few days ago (not going to name it) and got this idea from watching it. Drawing & inking this took a LOT longer than I thought it would. I’m kind of surprised I could keep it down to two pages as well. That first panel took a lot of drawing with a ruler and redrawing but it showed me that I actually can accomplish some decent perspective if I’m just patient enough (never am).

  9. Submissions for annalandin’s RPG week! It’s a little bit late but I’ve been busy.

    First up, I drew myself as a darker kind of Summoner (with corpse paint!). I think the design turned out well but as always, I don’t feel all that confident about the coloring. Ah well, it’s good to have it done anyway.

    Next up: My girlfriend Jenny drew herself as an Assassin and her cat, Buddha, as a “Fart Venom” peddling Merchant.

    Doing this was really fun. I hope I have time for it next year.

  10. I’ve been comic-ing this week. First some philosophical-ish stuff and then some style practice. Trying out other artist’s styles was both fun and enlightening. Of all the styles I think Tezuka, Miyazaki and Miura turned out really well. Then again, they are my main inspirations so it’s not that strange.

    Now then, if I can only get the rpgweek pic and some tones done this weekend I’ll be really happy.