1. True Detective fanart. I felt like experimenting a little with painting in Manga Studio 5 since all I’ve tried so far is flats and gradients. I learned a little I think but I still have a long way to go.

    I watched True Detective recently and I really loved the first few episodes.  I feel a slight rant coming on so I’m giving you a:


    There. Now then, the show was brilliant with a few caveats. First off, it brought an surreal atmosphere that I’ve missed in a lot of series since X-files and Millenium. Namely that dark and oppressive kind of atmosphere that paints a very bleak picture of human relationships. It stayed on a sort of nihilistic quality until the subplot of Marty’s marriage finally took over. IMO this derailed the story from reaching pure 10/10 territory. I know HBO has a tendency to throw in a lot of sex- and relationship-stuff but it’s at the expanse of the plot. The killer remained a mystery till the end and while I  don’t have a problem with that, what I DO have a problem with is that they went light on details I wanted to know about. Like, how does he kill, what’s the significance of the ritual, how did the church-school-years affect him? NONE of this is answered, yet they find the time to flesh out some boring love-drama that I dont care about……….sigh.

    Well, for what it was, the show did a great job with the atmosphere. It also delivered one of my favorite characters in a long time in Rust. Let’s see if they can draw forth an equally compelling set of characters next season.

  2. I’m working on stuff again. I still have my job but I’m no longer at the same place. This week I was given something to do that leaves me with a lot of free time. This, of course means that I’ll be working on drawing stuff instead. So first up is a comic that I drew before Neurostorm had taken tangible shape. The drawing itself was not really up to my standard, though, so I remade it. I think I’m a bit pleased with the result and this is one of the better examples of where I want to take Neurostorm. Weird, unpredictable humor that creeps up on you instead of the usual punch line-oriented stuff. I’m finishing up the tones for this later since I have a fanart-pic to colour and some other job-related stuff to get to.

  3. jenasplund:

    Öhhhlölööööö 2

    Another comic the girlfriend and I made (again in Swedish). Same nun-character. Same nun-chanel.

  4. "Nature is Satan’s Church"

    I watched both episodes of True Detective and Lars Von Triers Antichrist yesterday. They are really bleak but I love them both. Anyway, this is the resulting doodle.

  5. A while back a few of my friends made some redesigns of Zelda (from The Legend of Zelda, yes) that were and still are really neat. Since I thought it would be fun, I tried my own redesign of Link but it didn’t really work out all that well. What DID work out well was the story that my brain automatically made up along with the pic. From there, I had plans to do a redesign of Zelda, a character that ended up way more interesting than Link.

    So these are the results, which I’ve worked on now and then over the course of a year. This Zelda is supposed to be a hardened warrior, which I hope she looks like. I’m not completely happy with the results but I think that this little experiment was really fun so I still feel like I gained something.

    I’ll paste the plot summary I made here again, if anyone wanted to read it:

    The Phoenix Order is Hyrule’s most consistently strong police force and has been for close to a hundred years.

    Meet Bearded Paladin Link. A paladin class novice, always at the bottom of his class. His first day of paladin school is one he won’t forget as he finds out that his sister Zelda, notoriously known for being the most fierce paladin in Hyrule, is his new mentor. He can no longer slack of as he used to. But his fear is short lived and replaced with a greater one as his sister gets kidnapped the same day by an organization simply known as “Ganon”.

    Confused, scared and fearful for his sisters life, he peruses them. What he doesn’t know is that Zelda has already managed to free herself and he is kidnapped in her stead. Now, “Ganon” uses Link as bait to lure Zelda out.

    Meanwhile, after a face to face inspection by “Ganon“‘s leader Aghanim, Link is promptly thrown into a cold, dark dungeon. The old man in the next cell over who calls himself “Nonag” helps him find a way out of the cell. Link is getting the hell out of there, but not before he finds out what Aghanim wants with his sister. What makes her so special?

    Zelda arrives just in time to see Link found out by Aghanim. Link panics and falls down an impossibly long cliff into the valley below “Ganon“‘s headquarters. In cold rage, Zelda retreats for backup and starts up a crusade to avenge her fallen brother.

    Presumed dead but still alive, Link finds himself washed up in a foreign land believed to once have been inhabited by the gods. He finds a long forgotten sword that he is asked to have delivered to the one who should wield it. But can he make it in time? Ganon, always oppressed by Hyrule for something that happened a hundred years ago, have finally found a way to defeat their sworn enemy. All they need is Zelda, the chosen one.

    The backwards “Ganon” wasn’t all that clever but you can’t get everything right in one go I guess. The first coloured pic is supposed to be when Zelda breaks free and the last illustration is after witnessing Link’s demise.

    Well, that’s that. I’m spent.


    So, here’s Neurostorm, the comic I’ve been working on. It’s an autobiographical slice-of-life humor-strip. I base it on things that happen in my life or thoughts I have, which adds a little fantasy element to it. I want to update this at least once a week but I’m not promising anything there. Hope you enjoy it!

    The first opening artwork (many a manga studio 5 tones & effects went into that one :D )  and first strip is up right now on smackeeves. Read it here: http://neurostorm.smackjeeves.com/comics/1907922/0000-title-art/

  7. This was a busy weekend but I got something done, at least. I’m hoping to get the colours and a logo done so I can get the web comic going next weekend. ‘Till then, enjoy this.

  8. jenasplund:



    A short comic made by me and my gf (in swedish, sorry about that!)

  9. Three new comics (four pages) of my new webcomic, “Neurostorm”. I’ll be posting the black & white pages on tumblr and then the versions with screen tones at smackjeeves. I’ll tell you a bit more about the comic itself when I have a logo and some sort of title page. That comes first, then the toned versions.

    Till then, I hope you enjoy these new pages. I have a few more ideas I’ll work on soon.

  10. Working on character designs for Silver Vein and some other stuff. This guy’s not quite where I want him yet but I’ll leave this teaser here for now. I’m going to start planning for some new material (SV and other comics) soon. Anyway, there’s some non-SV stuff coming next week, a new webcomic. Nothing special, just a collection of one shot jokes. Still, it might be fun.